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 TEMPO is the Biotechnology Consortium that brings together leading Russian with the Focus on BIOTECHNOLOGY & LIFE SCIENCES


  •       R & D organizations
  •       Higher educational institutions
  •       Production enterprises
  •       Private companies




  •       Development of innovative medical technologies
  •       Commercialization of research innovation projects, technology transfer
  •       Promotion of interests of the Russian biotechnology sector
  •       Partnering with Western Industry and Academia
  •       Enhancing of integration of Russian biotechnologies into global scientific society
  •       International biosafety & biosecurity area


Completed and on-going TEMPO Projects in Year 2005-2006


  •       Educational Programs
  •       Commercialization Support
  •       International & Industry Outreach
  •       Biosafety and biosecurity
  •       Conferences/Workshop Activities



      Educational Programs:


  •             TEMPO has successfully launched for the first time in Russia the GLP preclinical trial competency-building program (Phase 1) in close cooperation with RAPS (Regulatory Affairs Professional Society) and funded by BII (BioIndustry Initiative Program). The unique program was established, including criteria, mechanisms and certification processes for the accreditation of regulatory affairs professionals in Russia in compliance with international standards. After the completion of the competency building event's sessions under the authority of the Moscow Medical Academy TEMPO issued appropriate Russian State diplomas to the successful trainees in accordance with established Russia legislation.130 specialists from TEMPO members, JSC Nizhpharm, RABIIT program participants were trained.
  •              TEMPO has developed a new GMP competency-building program to increase the competency among TEMPO member institutions in the area of pharmaceutical production 
  •               TEMPO is planning to develop a training program on biosafety&biosecurity

      Commercialization Support:            

  • TEMPO has accomplished successfully the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Competition (BEC) Program. The program was developed to promote investable deals, thereby increasing TEMPO's value to TEMPO member institutions as a vehicle for enhancing the commercialization of promising medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological developments. Three training seminars were carried out in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk, where participants have gained knowledge in venture investment, business planning, intellectual property rights, business presentation, etc. 
  • The book “Commercialization of biotech product” was issued together with Moscow Urban Center of Innovations & High-Tech of Moscow Government
  • 2 projects-winners were chosen for further commercialization


      International & Industry Outreach:


  • An extensive network of contacts in the Russian & international pharma/biotech industry & academia was established
  • TEMPO won the Project “Innovation Center in Biotechnology and Medicine” in the frame of EU  Competition Project EuroAid “Science & Technology Commercialization” (category “Associate Commercialization Centers “)
  • Organization of presentations, made by Russian biotech companies, at the AmBAR Investment Conference “Silicon Valley Open Doors” (SVOD) in November 2005-2006


Conferences/Workshop Activities:


  • TEMPO provided leadership to BII-sponsored Russian delegation at BIO2006. The book “Biotechnology 2006” was issued


  • Organization of International Workshop on Bioterrorism in October 2005 and G8 Experts Seminar in April -November 2006 on Enhancing Biosafety & Biosecurity: An Agenda for Global Action. Creation of the International Advisory Group on Biosafety and Biosecurity in November 2006. Interntaionla workshop-training "Urgent issues in protecting against biological threats" in October 2007, Moscow


TEMPO Projects in Development for Year 2006-2007


  •       GLP preclinical trial competency-building program (Phase 2)
  •       A new GMP competency-building program. Distance GMP courses 
  •        Biosafety Program


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