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Biotechnology Entrepreneurial Competition
Educational Programs

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Biotechnology Entrepreneurial Competition
Educational Programs
The program aims to enchance participants' knowledge level in technology commercialization, stimulate interest of business entities to the most prospective developments in biotechnology and medicine, attract of investments and promote investable deals.  More...
The main goal of NP "TEMPO" educational programs is to create the basis for quality assurance of  preclinical and clinical trials of drugs and vaccines  in Russia, as well as drugs and vaccines bioprocessing in accordance with GXP standards. More.


 Intercessional Meeting of the International Advisory Group on Biosafety & Biosecurity

 Training “Development of Core Training Curriculum for Biosecurity and Biosafety”

3rd Russian Medical Forum on 18-21 November 2008

 NP “TEMPO” General Meeting


5 years anniversary of Non Commercial Partnership TEMPO


GMP distance learning examinational session and seminar

The 2nd Distance GMP Session


18 October 2007 - Workshop-training 

The 2nd IAG Meeting in Moscow - October 19, 2007

  The 1st distance GMP course session is starting  

The specialists of NP TEMPO member institutes and members of the IAG on Biosafety and Biosecurity attended the 50th ABSA Conference 


NP TEMPO specialists attended the RAPS conference  


TEMPO has organized and performed the 3rd GMP Session

International Advisory Group meeting on Specific topics of Biosafety and Biosecurity

The 3rd GMP Session “Quality assurance system and standards for drug manufacturing in accordance with cGMP compliance”

   GMP courses on Audit of drugs manufacturing

2nd Russian Medical Forum 17-19 October 2007, Moscow

The 2nd TEMPO training on GMP

  The IAG Meeting in Heidelberg, 27-31 March


The Russian delegation took part in the Toxicology Meeting 

TEMPO conducted the 1st session on cGMP...


NP TEMPO at Silicon Valley Open Doors


In November 2002 11 leading scientific research organizations united their intellectual, organizational and material resources in the state non commercial organization. The objective of the Non Commercial Partnership (Center of Modern Medical Technology "TEMPO" – Technology, Education, Marketing, Production and Optimization) is to enhance the health conditions of the general public through the consolidation and optimisation of the activities of scientists, engineers, manufacturers, health managers, and practitioner physicians for the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of health care. Now TEMPO combines 17 organizations, which are leading scientific centers of Russia in the field of microbiology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular biology and immunology, diagnostics and indication with highly professional experts. . More detailed

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